Monthly Retainers

Let’s stick together…

At Bare Hill we love building long-lasting partnerships with our clients. With a monthly retainer, we becoming your on-demand creative team. This gives you the ability to use our graphic and web design services as you need them, on your own schedule.

The Benefits

You come first. As a retainer client, your projects receive first priority in scheduling. Retainer clients are always given a higher priority when it comes to projects.

Discounted Design, Print & Service Rates

Without a retainer, our normal hourly rate starts at $75 for design and $95 for web. No agreements to sign for each individual project and no per project cost

What You Get

Graphic Design Services: full service graphics and design excluding logo design
Website tasks: New pages, updates, graphics, re-occurring updates

How to Pay

The full retainer amount is due at the time of the contract signing. As services are used, time is deducted from the pre-paid retainer. All work performed is itemized after each task is completed to show usage – you can access this information via the client portal anytime!

Leftovers? Overusages?

We do our best to make sure you stay up-to-date on the status of your retainer hours, but ultimately it’s your responsibility to make sure they’re used within the monthly time frame. Unfortunately, unused hours at the end of the monthly contract are forfeited, unless your package states differently.

However, if you have a 10 hour retainer, but you need 15 hours worth of work in a given month, we bill you the additional 5 hours at the same rate as the retainer; not the normal bill rate.

Graphic & Web Design Retainers

We offer the following monthly pre-paid contracts: The Current Graphic Design Rate is $75/hr and Web Design is $95/hr.

Tier 1

  • 2 Hours of Design
  • $75/hour
  • Priority Service
  • No Rollover

Tier 2

  • 5 Hours of Design
  • $73.5/hour
  • Priority Service
  • No Rollover

Tier 3

  • 10 Hours of Design
  • $72/hour
  • Priority Service
  • 2 Hours Rollover

Tier 4

  • 20 Hours of Design
  • $70/hour
  • Priority Service
  • 5 Hours Rollover

Above pricing is in Australian dollars and does not include GST.

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